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Nutrition Coaching Faith Watkins Austin Texas

HEALTH coaching

Weekly guidance, support, and education for reaching your health and wellness goals.

Starts at $350 for minimum 12 week commitment.


planning + cooking together

We will menu plan together, meet at the grocery store, and head to your house to cook. You’ll learn meal planning skills, knife skills, food prep shortcuts and general cooking skills that will help you stay consistent along the way.

$230 for a 3-4 hour session.


kitchen + pantry makeover

We can significantly increase our chances of success just by consciously altering our environment. In this case, you will come up with a red, yellow and green light food list and then work to remove red and yellow foods and increase green-listed foods. At the same time, we will set up your kitchen to make cooking easier and more enjoyable.

Starting at $100 for a 2 hour session