Inherent Wisdom

I believe we are inundated by opinions about what is healthy and what isn't and then we become overwhelmed and sometimes paralyzed about what action would be best to take. The conversation around saturated fats illuminates the point. Saturated fats were “good”, traditional fats (traditional=used by our grandparents or great grandparents) and then they were demonized.  And then they were good again. And now, even coconut oil, which we all thought was a “healthy” saturated fat is being reconsidered. 

 Instead of allowing someone besides ourselves to choose which foods are “healthy” or “unhealthy”, I advocate for a more experiential approach.  I think we intuitively know what is healthy for us, but in the line of a near constant barrage of differing and opposing opinions, we have gotten confused and doubtful of our own inherent wisdom. I believe it is important to become the expert on ourselves- to notice what brings us energy and to pay attention to our guts.

 If you are considering the health merits of something, try it out.  The key is consistency.  Eat the food or use the product for a few weeks or a month and find out for yourself how your body reacts.  Try to add or eliminate one thing at a time.  Then you will have your own opinion based on your direct experience.  No one can refute that.

Andrea Watkins