Ideally I would love to use only the freshest produce from local farmer’s markets and meat from humanely raised animals.  In my experience, this food tastes the best and has the highest nutritional value.  More importantly, it supports our local food system and avoids the suffering of industrially-raised animals. Instead of hiding costs (the cost of treating our own disease from eating vegetables laden with toxic chemicals and from eating miserable and sick animals), consumers pay upfront for what the food is really worth-we pay living wages to our farmers, ranchers and butchers.  In so doing, we take a certain amount of responsibility for our own health. Our first line of offense is at the end of our forks.  However, the reality is that locally sourcing our food isn’t affordable all the time.  I would like to make healthy eating accessible to everyone so instead of excluding those that cannot afford the very best, I aim to accommodate every grocery budget.  

As the farm/ranch-to-table movement gains momentum and we demand better from the industrial model, the producers of high quality, humanely raised and slaughtered meats are becoming more available and more affordable.  Producers such as Vital Farms, Niman Ranch, Smart Chicken, and Tender Belly (to name a few) help bridge the gap so we can feel good about the things we chose to eat.