I began exploring what I was eating after learning about the plight of animals in industrial agriculture systems.  The cruelty pulled on my heart strings so much that I became a vegetarian in high school.  As I continued learning though, I couldn’t ignore animals used for milk, eggs, or skin and feathers.  I was vegan for my college years and then studied macrobiotic principles of health and cooking in early 2000 at The Natural Epicurean Academy of Culinary Arts in Austin, Texas.  I also completed three levels of macrobiotic counselor training and over one year volunteering in the kitchen at the Kushi Institute.  

Over time, as I struggled with constant carb cravings and as new information began to emerge about the effects of certain foods on our health, I began experimenting with other ways of eating.  I experimented with a paleo diet and a high-fat ketogenic diet making sure to focus on locally raised meat and dairy.  I don’t believe that there is any ONE diet that is best for all of us but I do believe that a focus on grass-fed and humanely raised meat and dairy and local fruits and vegetables significantly contribute to a healthy diet.  

As communities working to grow food, raise animals and produce home-cooked meals, we empower ourselves to create our health independent of large chain grocers, mainstream medical advice and an industrial system that mistreats animals and pollutes our environment.  We are our own offense.  

I started weight training in early 2014 and learned that in order for my body to recover from heavy lifting efforts, I needed to feed myself adequate calories.  All that nonsense about restricting calories to lose weight didn't make sense anymore. If I wanted to be strong and maintain muscle mass, I needed to EAT!  But "feed your squat" isn't just about lifting heavy things. It is about feeding your passion.  What do you do that makes you feel most alive? Let's feed that!